Olympiad in Programming

Press-release of 17 February 2011.

National Information Technology Center with funding of the Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA and support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, implement educational program for the Olympiad in Programming between students of institutions of higher education of the Kygyz Republic.


Olympiad will be from March 16-18 2011, based at NITC Bishkek. March 18th is planned the ceremony of reward of success teams. The reward ceremony of success teams is planned on March 18. This event aims to enhance collaboration between business, educational institutions and student community in the country and has following purposes:

Promotion of scientific knowledge and develop students’ interest in science, the intensification of the special courses, study groups, scientific societies, creating optimum conditions for the identification talented students for their further intellectual growth and career guidance, development of teamwork.

The Olympiad is conducted by the National Information Technology Center of the Kyrgyz Republic at the initiative and financing of Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA, with support of the Ministry of Education and Science, sponsored by IT companies KRENA, CAREN, KARPOU and Softline.

This programming contest is the first Olympiad with participation of universities not only in Bishkek, which also occurs for the first time, but also from the regions. Invited teams from 14Universities of the Kyrgyz Republic: 8 teams from Bishkek and 6 teams from the regions. The following teams of the universities from regions are invited: Osh State University, DjaSU, ISU, NSU, TSU IUCA. Each team will consist of 3 student members.

To participate in the competition allowed students of full-time education, studying information technology in higher education in the country. The Olympiad will be held in the form of problem solving, 4 of which are from the basic course on programming overcomplicated category 5 tasks will be of applied problems at the junction of several domains, the remaining tasks will be targeted at the international Olympiad level and one task by “Softline”.

Tentatively universities planned inter-university Olympics, only the best team of the university will participate in this event on March 17.

As part of the task developer and the jury will work qualified professionals, software developers and mathematicians. As a result of the Olympiad there will be determined the best teams of universities of the country.

Since 1992 with the founding of the Kyrgyz Republic there were no organized Olympiads between Universities in the country, on any subject. The teams of following universities: KRSU, KSTU, IU Ataturk Alatoo participated only in international programming competitions in the online mode.

All expenses for accommodation and travel of participants – students from regions to Bishkek and back will be covered by the Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA.

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