NOC Services

== Help Desk Service

The CAREN NOC will provide mainly Help Desk and support service for NRENs and CAREN partners on a 24×7 basis.

===Basic Operations
The basic operations are those for which the CAREN NOC operates in a business-as-usual mode, with support normally provided in a hierarchical manner by a Help Desk, and Second Level support staff.
The basic day-to-day function of the CAREN NOC is to ensure that the network operates normally. Whenever the network is not operating normally, the Supplier must return it to normality as soon as possible and keep the user community informed of the situation. The Supplier must also report regularly on network performance.
From time to time GEANT may wish to implement changes to the network, which can range from minor changes to upgrades to bringing new services into operation. The role of the CAREN NOC in such cases is to provide the engineering support necessary to integrate the new facilities into the existing network.

===Advanced Operations
Advanced Operations covers the introduction of services based on new technologies, or technologies which are not so new but for which routine operations have not yet been established. Multicast, IPv6, MPLS, eduroam, and AAI are examples that have varying degrees of use, support, and interoperability. Following discussions between GEANT, the NRENs and the Supplier, Advanced Services are planned to be introduced during the period of this Agreement.

== Training Services
CAREN NOC will provide ToT and End user training programs and workshops for member NREN’s and Institutions in various directions.

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